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IBM QSO Party Scores

The IBM QSO Party is an on-the-air meeting of IBM employees and ex-IBM employees and their families who are also amateur radio operators.  It is held regularly (usually once or twice per year), and has a duration of one or two days on a weekend.  It takes the form of a competitive contest, but is only weakly competitive and has the purpose of keeping in touch with each other.  For IBM QSO Party Rules and Info
I am   currently the official scorekeeper for the IBM QSO Party.  At the links below you can see scores for all the logs I have received to date.
To see all 2012 Scores CLICK HERE
No IBM QSO Party in 2011
No IBM QSO Party in 2010
To see all 2009 Scores  CLICK HERE
No IBM QSO Party in 2008
To see all 2007 Scores  CLICK HERE
To see all 2006 Scores 
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To see all 2004 Scores 
To see all 2003 Scores 
To see previous Scores
Log Submissions:
Please submit your logs
to me any way that you can.   It would be preferable for you to use RYLogit to log and score your entry, and you can just send me the summary section of the score by email or postal-service mail.  Even if you don't use RYLogit for logging, you could later enter your contacts into RYLogit for scoring purposes (ignoring proper time/date/RST since it doesn't affect the score).  Then we know the scoring is done correctly.  It's really very easy to do.  I will, however, accept paper logs or emailed logsheets in some reasonable format (which I will then enter into RYLogit for scoring).

Email logs to:   paul@aa6z.com    
Post hard copy logs to:     Paul Burton
                                                   877 Buchser Way
                                                   San Jose, CA 95125  

I will accept logs for a reasonable time following the end of the contest, after which   the big winners will be announced.  Check back here to see how your score stacks up.